Czech Republike

logo / identity


Referring to social networks, the word like expresses a positive feeling: a simple and self-confident text concept for presenting the Czech Republic abroad. The video introduces the ideas, the basic graphic elements, and examples of how the integrated visual style of the destination brand is applied. We showcase everything that we love about our country. We tell stories, but one standalone film clip can have an even greater impact. Our approach also involved stripped-down typography and maximum emphasis on a visual accompaniment.

In the 40-page manual, we introduce step-by-step the colour range, typography, publications, marketing communications, exhibition equipment, gift applications and on-line materials, all in a single “white” book with a red, white and blue spine. It is a Czech Republic destination brand manual, which summarises the incoming campaign of the Czech Republic – Land of Stories campaign.


Olga Benešová, Jiří Karásek, Jakub Sanitrák, Pavel Zelenka, Tereza Pavelková, Martin Procházka


Milan Jaroš / photography
Tomáš Hrivnak / texts




The Czech Republic rebranding gained a bronze medal in the State and public institutions category of the 2013 PIAF international advertising awards.